Life Keys

God has created each of us with different personalities, giftings, tendencies, and worldviews.  It’s a shame when we think that we need to give up or change all those things in order to live as a Christian.  In this series we will be exploring the incredible ways that God wants to use all of each of us […]

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Spiritual Warfare

Whether we realize it or not, there is a battle being waged over the souls of people all around the world.  Too often we downplay the enemy at work, and if we don’t recognize the war we are in, then the enemy already has a huge advantage.  Learning about Satan’s tactics and being aware of […]

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Lost potential is tragic.  It’s a life left to wander in regret and loss.  God has given us each potential to become who He has intended.  Don’t worry if your life doesn’t line up with the great ones of this world, because a humble obedient heart is really what God desires.

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