In 1946, Pastor Charles Dirks and his wife sensed God’s leading to build an independent Gospel Mission in Nipawin to reach people with the Good News of God’s love. They began with nine people, seven of whom were the Pastor and his family! On December 8, 1956 the ministry joined the work of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Over the next 40 years NAC would undergo major changes. In 1971 we moved from the original building (now Coventry Funeral Home) to the church on Montgomery Drive. This would be the church’s home for the next 30 years.

Between it’s foundation and 1983, seven different pastors served the people of Nipawin Alliance. The early 80’s brought stability as Rev. Gary Jones, along with Interns and Associates, lead NAC for eleven years. By the mid 1990’s NAC was entering its 50th year and like many 50 year olds,  mid-life brought struggles and new directions. Pastor Gary left in 1994 and the church underwent some challenging days and we were led by Godly men, Terry, Ed & Larry. By the 2001 the church had once again found its footing and Pastor Mike brought his gifts of administration and Pastoral Care.

December 1956 to the present…

It was under Pastor Mike that our current home was built and in September 2004 the present  building was dedicated to the Glory of God. In the fall of 2006 Pastor Mike left to serve the Lord in Swift Current. During the interm season Pastor Scott who came in March of ’04 and the Elders stepped in and cared for the church. As we searched for fresh vision for the 21st Century God opened the way for a former Associate to return to serve. Pastor Dan, who had been an Associate with Gary, came back to Nipawin to serve as our Senior Pastor in July of 2007.  Pastor Dan brought in Pastor James as an Associate and he stayed on after Pastor Dan left in 2012.  The Elders and the Mid-West District thought it would be best to bring in a transitional Pastor, and so shortly thereafter Pastor Woody came to NAC.  He stayed on until the end of 2013.  Since that time, Pastor Joel has been called to serve as our Senior Pastor.
​There is something missing in this little history though. It focuses on buildings and Pastors but it doesn’t tell you the story of the Church, for the church is the body of Christ, the people who work, worship and witness. It doesn’t mention that Alice Enns who was with us every Sunday morning and was a charter member in 1956. It doesn’t tell you about potlucks, campfires and coffee times nor does it tell you the story of the hundreds of lives who have come to Christ, been baptized, shared in worship and been instructed here.
To discover that story you will have to come and get to know the people. You will have to worship with them, have coffee with them, or have them in your home. It is only then that you will discover the story of Nipawin Alliance Church, bringing glory to God….

Pastors Past & Present

1946 – 1956: Pastor Charles Dirks
1956 – 1960:  Pastor Roy David
1960 – 1962: Pastor Fred Hubert
1962 – 1964: Pastor Don Scott
1964 – 1966: Pastor McVety
1966 – 1972: Pastor Ed Carlson
1972 – 1981: Pastor Wayne Berg
1981 – 1983: Pastor Eldon Thompson
1983 – 1994: Pastor Garry Jones
1984 – 1990: Pastor Steve Regier
1990 – 1994: Pastor Dan Esau
1994 – 2000: Pastor Terry Posnikoff
1994 – 2000: Pastor Ed Kirk
2001: Pastor Larry Hurst
2001 – 2006: Pastor Michael Smart
2004 – 2009: Pastor Scott Whitford
2007 – 2012: Pastor Dan Esau
2012 – 2013: Pastor Woody Ruten
2009 – 2019: Pastor James Witherow
2013 – Present: Pastor Joel Diamond

3 thoughts on “History

  1. Hi,

    My name is Sam Neufeld and am a former member of NAC, now living in Powell River, British Columbia.

    I note that the Pastor of NAC from 1956 – 1960 is missing from your webb-site. His name was Roy David.

    During the time Rev. Dirks was in hospital (dying of cancer), an interim person was brought-in from CBI to pastor, and also,about one month after Rev Dirk’s death. His surname was Pritchard and served about two months. ( I was 15 years old at the time and do not recall his first name).

    After the funeral of Rev. Charles Dirks, Conducted by Rev. Roy Macintyre, of the Saskatoon Alliance Church, Rev. Pritchard conducted services for about one month while legal proceedings were completed. He left and Rev. Roy David was transferred from White Tail, Montana to pator the church.

    Roy and Myrna had little two girls, Doreen and Darla, ages 4 and 2 respectively.

    Rev. David carefully guided the small congregation from thinking independent, individual church ownership to working as part of a system and organization. Missions , Youth Work, Evangelism and Sunday School received much emphasis and the church grew from about 20 people to nearly 100. Roy and family left in 1960 to pastor the Hanna Alliance church in Alberta.

    I hope these details, which I recall, will help in the church history.

    Sam Neufeld
    ph. 604-485-0991


    1. Thank you very much for letting us know! It’s always facinating to hear about those who have come before us, and to hear how people touched others’ lives. Thanks for the information! Blessings on you and your family!
      – NAC


  2. Greetings all! I came w/ my parents, Elmer & Evelyn Anderson, when McVety was pastor (fall ’64). It was Pastor Ed Carlson & wife Doreen whom I most recall. They & their 5 kids lived in the tiny parsonage attached to back of church building; sharing a common wall but don’t recall access between. Was Pastor Ed who baptized me in the old Torch Trail swimming pool. Busy, BUSY years for Pastor Ed w/ the building program, weekly Sunday service @ small congregation in Aylsham, AYF & other duties DONE SO WELL. Ed, Doreen & family became life long friends w/ Mom & Dad, by extension us siblings too; remaining in contact until both passed. Good, GOOD years never forgotten! Thanks for the memories!


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